“Happy” New Year

New York City is no place to be during the holiday season. Struggling to make my way through the Rockefeller Center area crowds was like the proverbial salmon swimming upstream. My mutterings were worthy of a graduate of the school of Scrooge: “F—king tree. They tie branches on you know, to make it look fuller, like a teenager stuffing her bra. Why don’t you ogle the trees where you live instead of coming here?”

My cousin called me and said I sounded down, she could hear it in my voice.  I realized I was depressed.

Of course I “should” have been happy. I was off from work from December 24 to January 5; my first novel was going to be published in 2015. So why did I feel sad?

On January 1, a friend of mine announced on Facebook that she had signed up for 100 Days of Happiness—a project where every day for 100 days you post a photograph something that makes you happy.

I decided to sign up too. I thought that maybe if I could find a moment of happiness in every day, if I could focus on what makes me happy, I might become a happier person. I chose Instagram for my platform because I thought this project would be a good way for me to learn how to use it. It would also afford an opportunity to become more adept with my camera phone. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me at rosenfeldcarol.

By the way, you can sign up to do this at any time, and you don’t have to post the photographs on Instagram—you can post them on Facebook or several other applications. https://www.100happydays.com